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Opposing Fronts: Why both Radical Feminism and Men's Rights are stupid

If you went up to me on August 20th, 2014 and told me that the topic I was discussing would turn into a heated national debate, I would say you were absolutely crazy. If you would've given me a true glimpse of this debate as it is today, I probably would've just thrown myself off a building and been done with it there. Unfortunately that never happened, and now I'm stuck still having to deal with this shit.

Before I actually get on the opposite sides of this big thing, let's define feminism.

I can't believe I just said that.

Seriously guys, you learned this in, what, the third grade? It's been almost a year, and I STILL can't believe that this is a debate. Listen, the dictionary definition of feminism is the equality between the male and female genders. Some examples of feminist thought are "females should be paid as much as males" and "females can be physically strong the same way males can be emotionally sensitive".

Wow! Was that really that hard? Apparently it is, because some moron somewhere decided it was a fantastic idea to name two opposite ends of the spectrum the same thing. Seriously, I used to have an early post up called "Feminists are fucking hilarious" because it was before radical feminists were even called anything, not even SJW. People just decided to go all "literally" on it, except "literally" isn't an extremely controversial topic that constantly gets confused on which one you're talking about. "Yeah, I saw a guy bashing feminism..." Which one? The one we all believe is wrong, or the one we all believe is right? I understand that most of us by this point have been able to find our own words for radical feminism besides just feminism, but I feel like there's just enough of the population who is using the same word for both that it STILL manages to be an issue.

Anyway, that was my off-the-cuff rant for today. Now let's talk about the extremes.

Radical Feminism

The dictionary definition of radical feminism is a group, normally consisting of women, who believe that the female gender is much higher than the male gender, and often make sexist remarks while discussing straight males. This group has gone on from just discussing females, and have also "included" transgender, gays, and racial minorities (I put included in quotations, mostly due to these people being batshit crazy and I don't see how anyone from those three groups would enjoy having these people on their "side"). This group is also sometimes called SJWs (Social Justice Warriors), radfems, and even far leftists (for people who can't help leaving politics out of the conversation). Another trait of radical feminism is their insistence that everything must be culturally and politically correct and appropriate or else, but that is a topic of discussion for another time.

Obviously, these people are fucking bad. Fortunately, for the most part it seems as though 80 percent of the population agree that these people are dumb. Unfortunately, that still leaves 20 percent, and in a world filled with 7.3 billion people that isn't a very good sign. Yes, these are people who genuinely, unironically believe that all males must die (And no, minority males are no longer an exception. They're being hunted too. Sorry fellas.) These are people who actually burn books made by white authors because they shouldn't be able to talk about minorities. These are the people who argue with you with every "insensitive" remark you make (definition of that word varies). These are people who think that we need to have actual warnings on every small little thing we do just to not offend people. These are people who think comedy, for the most part, needs to die out. These are people who stage entire protests just because of some offhand comment about females, transgenders, or minorities. These people are insane, dangerous, and like I said, make up a very small portion of people.

Sure, there might be a few people out there who read this who think at least at this time there should be more sensitivity in comedy or comments, or that we should have more diversity in entertainment, and although I may not necessarily agree with these opinions/think they are important issues, I can agree that they are not as radical as, well, radicals.

Yet in the wake of this new wave of radical feminism (yup, it's existed in the past. no, I won't be discussing it in detail here), another, equally small, equally retarded group has come out of the woodwork to combat this so called "feminist threat"...

Men's Rights

The dictionary definition of Men's Rights activism is a group, normally consisting of men, who believe that the female gender is a significant threat to society and that it is men who deserve more rights than woman to keep them in check. This group normally consists of men who have once been rejected by a woman or have met a bad one, and instead of drawing the logical conclusion of "Oh, she was just a bad person", decide to declare informal jihad against the entire group. Remind you of something? Sounds a lot like how racism started.

Now, I'll admit, this isn't nearly as dangerous as radical feminism. Hell, all this is is just being straight up stupid. What? People are making stupid assumptions? Don't they do that already?

Still, its notable due to its a) potential to be dangerous, and b) its at the opposite side of the spectrum as radical feminism, hence the title of this article.

To be honest, there isn't much to say about this one. Most people already know about this group, and know it's bad.

So, that's all for now. I've been planning to do a lot more posts in the future, both on this blog and the other one (Codex of Aegis), mostly because now there's a lot more to talk about.


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