Thursday, March 26, 2015

On Equality, Part 2

But there is more to equality than just gender and sexuality. A similar issue is going on in the world of race, although unlike radical feminism this movement is not built on greed but rather decades of true oppression and segregation. In a time where all races should finally be equal, tensions are greater than ever.

Once again, we have the Google Dilemma -- except instead of applicants we have suspects, and instead of Google we have the government. The only way for all races to live equally is for them to understand each other, and to understand that neither race is after the other one. Blacks are not trying to attack whites, nor are whites trying to attack blacks. When you mix black and white, all you get is grey.

As with gender and sexual equality, the media and entertainment try to push one side of the coin as much as possible. Once again, it is foolish and silly. To achieve equality, the coin should be put on an equal level; or else you get the same problems that have existed for years, just the opposite way.

In order to achieve equality, it doesn’t matter if you’re gay, female, or black, anymore than it does if you’re straight, male, or white. It may be a long way until true equality -- all over the world there is still oppression, double standards, and genocide. However, this is the best chance that we’ve gotten in a long time. I pray we don’t fuck it up.


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