Friday, September 19, 2014

GamerGate Part II: The Quest for the Uncensored News Site

A few weeks ago I made a blog post here discussing the Quinnspiracy. In it I apologized for being late to the party.

Boy, could I have been more wrong.

A lot has happened in these few weeks, and since then it has gone to expand beyond Zoe Quinn herself and even gaming in general. However, for the sake of being careful I'll use this next paragraph to summarize what has developed since then, assuming that the last Quinnspiracy/GamerGate article was the one I made.

It turns out that the alleged internet censorship is real, and it is worse than we thought. This brilliant article by Milo Yiannopoulos shows exposes an emailing list used by many top ranking game journalists, website founders, and indie developers called “GameJournoPros”; a name which leads me to believe that my backseat journalism may be more professional than I give it credit for.

Here is a list of these emails, with important information in highlight, courtesy of (images need to be opened in separate tab to be read)

Ah, yes, Journalism ethics sure are bullshit. Besides, I've been meaning to review her game... *wink wink*
People are using your platform to harass a developer. Though more of these people are concerned with censorship, we should really just make that our excuse.
No. This is simply not true. I don't believe it. Shut up.
If we censor their thread about internet censorship, it plays DIRECTLY into their narrative! God, why does making responsible decisions on community content have to be such a pain in the ass!

It's not just popular tech and gaming websites, however. The following image is a screenshot from a reddit AMA with Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. In it he's asked his opinion on GamerGate.

And on this, the Darwin Award committee struck gold.

Think it's fake? Here's the permalink. In other news, Reddit's moderation team braving through worst intelligence drought in decades.

And I'm not even done. The bastion of anonymity on the internet, 4chan, has been revealed as to be censoring it's threads as well. 

Now this may be not as bad like the last time, however also like last time that's only in proportion to the other current events. We know have feasible proof that censorship is going on in most major discussion areas of the web.

The main defense game journalism has given up to this point is that the GamerGate movement is a thinly veiled misogynistic scheme that insists it's about censorship, but is really just trying to remove women from the industry. What we have proof is that that allegation is the farthest thing from true.

Sworn opponents of censorship and active members of GamerGate, this is your fuel. Use it to create a wildfire so wide that not even major websites can control it. The two greatest inventions in humankind were writing and the internet, because they allowed the common man to speak his mind. Use these gifts. There have been entire country-wide revolts by use of social media alone. Utilize it, and there will be change.

But before we change others, we must change ourselves. Recently I have watched the InternetArtistocrat's GamerGate stream in which he discusses current events and inspires people to raise their flags for better, unbiased journalism. I have decided that if there is interest, I'll use this site – small though it is – to give the unbiased gaming news people have asked for. And that means not just in GamerGate discussion, but all of gaming in general, whether it be reviews or announcements. If I stir up even the slightest interest in this, I will heavily consider trying to do this.


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