Sunday, March 8, 2015

Codex of Aegis State of the Union -- 2015 edition

Alright, alright -- I know it's March, and technically these "year-long plans" things are supposed to take place at the very beginning, but who cares. This is my ride and I can do what I want.

So some time last year I basically lined up all my project's and said what would be happening with each of them (for the sake of your curiosity, here's a link). With this post I intend to do relatively the same.

Codex of Aegis

First off, in the last post I hinted at the idea of a Codex of Aegis compilation ebook, with extra features, commentary, and the rest of the works. It was originally slated for Winter 2014, but it never came out -- and that was purposeful on my part. To make sure I would have enough content to work with in making the book, I decided to set a point in which I finally start making it after I upload X amount of stories. Well, as of today, the X amount has been reached -- so I'm now announcing that Codex of Aegis will go on hiatus while I'm busy compiling it. I plan to add the following:

  • All stories from the blog's inception up until today's
  • Commentary/critique on each one
  • A special "Astuka Looks Back" section
  • A few chapters to a book that was originally going to be released in 2014 but will now be later
As for price and release date, I'm still working on it -- though I hope to finish by at least Summer 2015. 

The Blogs

As Codex of Aegis will be busy hibernating, I intend to start updating this a lot more. I already have 2 posts planned for next week with some ideas for more. I also plan on starting another blog for more dumb clickbait stuff, since apparently that's "in". So that means there would be 3 blogs: one for stories, one for nonfiction kind of stuff (this one), and finally the new blog (which might end up being monetized, but I don't know).


Recently there has been some talk internally on making AG season 2. I can't say yet that we're dedicated to making it, but I have made the AstukaGaming channel an "official Codex of Aegis" channel, and plan to do the same with Best of the Youtube tomorrow. As always, the podcast will keep going, and I'm thinking of legitimately doing some "casual streaming" on astukari as time goes on.

Well, those are my goals so far. I also might continue patch notes, but they would be in the form of short videos rather than what they have been (blog posts), but that's really only an idea.


Twitter: @CodexofAegis

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