Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mega Update: The future of my projects

(Originally posted on Codex of Aegis, AstukaGaming, and Astuka's Tumblr)

Hello everybody, checking in for my monthly here. No, but really this time – I have something meaningful to say. Really.

So it has (finally) come to my attention that I have way too many side projects, and instead need to focus only on a small few in order to make quality content. Mindblowing, right? Anyway, I decided to gather together all my current side projects and decide which ones would be cut and which ones would be totally okay. This is the result.

Codex of Aegis

Status: Totally okay

Yes, yes. I know. Most of the time when I say things are on hiatus, they end up dying. I get that. But right now Codex of Aegis is literally the only actual important thing I'm making, so of course it will end up staying.

The reason I haven't updated, as I've said so long before, is two things: A, the Guardians of Enthia playthrough, and B, a revamped site.

Both have not happened mostly because I don't have any time to do either thing. As I begin to loosen up my schedule though I'll try getting them done, and finally once again we'll be able to have our shitty one off stories.

Speaking of Codex of Aegis, I actually plan on self-publishing a “Volume I” compilation soon (aka likely Winter 2014). It will feature all of the stories written until that time, as well as colorful commentary by yours truly and a few cut/extra stories specifically for the book. At first I thought it might be a dumb idea since CreateSpace only allows 50 pages and greater, but the current reference sheet filled with the writing is about 78 pages long, and added with commentary and other meta stuff and it could be around 130+ pages.

As well as this, I might as well explain the full revamp since I haven't actually already.

I'm planning on making Codex of Aegis my overall project homepage until I have enough time and money to make a website of my own. I'm going to try and feature direct pages to all my shit, including the twitter, twitch, and *possible* facebook page. I'll also see if I can add two blogs, so we can keep all of my meta bullshit on the same site instead of a completely different one like it is right now, and I won't feel bad for abandoning AstukaGaming (the blog) because it will live on in spirit (also we get to not have any confusion between the group and the blog).

Honestly I'm really excited for the revamp, but I won't do it until I finish Guardians of Enthia. I'll try doing it first thing tomorrow but I've done that multiple times before and as you can all tell it hasn't exactly worked out.


Status: ded

I thought the idea of a group playthrough channel always was pretty fun, but its come to my attention that I really don't get anything out of having one. The AstukaGaming “brand” is completely isolated from my personal “brand”, so its not like I would be getting more viewers for Codex of Aegis while making videos for AstukaGaming. Furthermore, having a lets play channel doesn't really say anything about me professionally. Not in that “hue hue muh formal” type of way (to be honest I'll probably never be able to pull that off), but the fact that works of video games and movies and books have a lot more impact than lets plays and livestreams. I'll still be using my personal twitch channel (astukari) though, and occasionally on there I will play with the AstukaGaming guys, but the channel itself will likely be gone (unless anyone wants to buy it hehehhe).

Stencyl Game

Status: hiatus

Oh, yeah. Forgot to mention that. I'm making a stencyl game.

I've always been pretty interested in the whole flash game shebang (shabang? Huh?) and so I finally decided for my first work in vidya would be a simple flash game. And boy, did I not prepare for how much work even a simple game would be.

It came through my mind as I went along that there are many other, even more easy games I could make, and so I decided I might as well delve into those other projects even if there's no chance of income or revenue from it (I'd be learning something though, so I guess that counts). Eventually once I'm back from my journey I'll release the projects I tried for free (on the website nudge nudge) and start working on games for profit. Ad profit, that is. Glorious ad profit.

Half-Life Playthrough

Status: What do you think?

I am kind of mad about trashing this since I've always wanted to do at least one complete lets play, but I've already addressed in the AstukaGaming block everything you need to hear about this.


Status: ...Really?

Okay, I just added this because it was an old popular project that I never officially said anything about. There is literally nothing to profit from this. I don't even forum anymore.

Personal/Skit channel

Status: Probably still happening

If any of you can remember, I did mention that I would be making a personal channel for skits and other bullshit separate from AstukaGaming. Although I might end up putting the videos on AstukaGaming and just wiping everything that isn't cool and nostalgic due to one of youtube's many problems, the idea is likely still in the mix. I do admit though I was planning on making a skit for the Summer Sale, but nothing ever came of it. Just a warning.

Dota 2 Championship

Status: Dead and Gone

Yep, it just couldn't generate the interest. Not much to it.

Well, that's all for now. Next time we see eachother the site will likely be changed and I would've posted Guardians of Enthia 6-12. Although I'm pretty sure I said that last time, though it might've been a Deja Vu. Huh. Well, I'll do it for sure this time. I promise.

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